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This service operates between November and March every winter. You can register for the service at any time throughout the year by visiting our Registration page.

What is cold alert?

Cold Alert is a FREE service for people in East Sussex that alerts you to severe cold weather events by sending a text, voicemail or email. Receiving advanced warnings of severe cold weather, ice and snow may help you prepare and take preventative action.

The service runs over the winter period from 1 November to 31 March.

You can register at any time to receive cold alerts.

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Heat Alert Forecasting


Normal winter conditions. The Cold Alert service is ‘live’ but no severe weather is forecast.

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Alert & Ready. Be prepared. Severe weather is forecast. Check homes are heated to at least 18ºC and stocked with food and medications.

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Take Action. Severe Weather Conditions. Contact those ‘at risk’ in person or by phone every day while the severe weather lasts. Set the daytime room temperature to at least 18°C Dress warmly in thin layers and have regular warm meals and drinks.

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Emergency Action. Threshold temperatures breached for more than 6 days. In addition to the Level 3 actions, make sure you keep in regular contact with elderly relatives and neighbours and alert health and social care services if required.

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