What is the Cold Alert Service for East Sussex?

Cold Alert is a FREE service provided by the Sussex Air Quality Partnership (Sussex-air) and funded by East Sussex Public Health.

The service is operational between 1 November and 31 March, providing free severe cold weather warnings for individuals with respiratory and cardiovascular conditions, parents of young children, carers and healthcare professionals.

The Cold Alert service provides:

  • FREE severe cold weather alerts directly to you and/or your carer or health professional by text, voicemail or email over the winter months from November to March
  • Information about when, where and how long a period of severe cold weather event is forecast
  • Advice on what to do to prepare for severe cold weather events

How Cold Alerts are sent

A Cold Alert will be issued when there is a change in the forecast cold weather conditions from the national Met Office and an alert level threshold has been reached.

You will receive a Cold Alert when the temperature changes from Green – Alert and Ready to:

Yellow – Be prepared will be issued when mean temperatures of 2°C and or widespread ice and heavy snow are predicted with 60% confidence.

Amber – Take Action will be issued when mean temperatures of 2°C and/or widespread ice and heavy snow is forecast.

Red – Cold Alert in the event of severe or prolonged cold weather affecting sectors other than health. Level 4 alert issued at national level in light of cross-government assessment of the weather conditions, coordinated by the Civil Contingencies Secretariat (CCS) based in the Cabinet Office.

For more information about the alert levels and their meaning, visit our Alert Levels page.

Join the FREE Cold Alert service

  • Register via the website
  • Call us on 01273 484337 and leave your details on the answerphone
  • Email us at information@coldalert.info


The Cold Alert service provides cold weather warnings during the winter months and operates in a similar way to the Air Alert and Heat Alert services.

Air Alert provides free pollution alerts to notify you when poor air quality is forecast in your area. You can sign up at Registration – Sussex-air :: Promoting better Air Quality in Sussex

Heat Alert is a text, voicemail, e-mail service that alerts you when there are heatwave warnings in your area.

The Cold Alert service runs every winter from 1 November to 31 March.